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I’ve been using PicCollage for two years now. I use the app when blogging the children’s photos for their individual blog. I usually use PicCollage to sequence a series of photos of the same activity a child is taking part in. It’s good to show the process from A-B in an activity or a before and after.

I then decided, why not let the children do the same. As part of our ‘under the sea’ topic one story we have read is ‘The Rainbow Fish’. Naturally, around the room I had activities that linked to ‘The Rainbow Fish’, one independent activity being a story sequencing activity. The children used PicCollage for this activity. To order the pictures of the story from beginning to end. This was a success. Both the boys and girls were keen to complete this activity, improving and developing their speaking and listening skills on the way. Some children worked independently and others worked in pairs.

A lot of discussion took place with this activity and it will be surely something I use again the future and in my reading area. Children were able to speak in full sentences about each of the pictures and talk about what was going on. Some HA children were also able to talk about what pictures were missing.