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Beetbot Bees

I have used beetbots in different ways in the EYFS. With the new programming focus starting in September I thought I would give the EYFS children a head start. This activity also helps their reading and ‘tricky’ word recognition at the same time.
Children work in pairs and give each other a word on the grid to program the bee to travel to. The children have to then read the word that the bee has landed on and then identify whether they landed on the correct word.
This is also an activity that the children can complete independently. Children have a number of ‘talking spots’ around the grid with an instruction or word said to them that has previously been recorded by a practitioner.
As they do when they work in pairs children program the bee to land on the correct word.

Phonic Alien Adventure

Like many EYFS teachers, one of the main focuses for me is getting my children to read. Teaching and encouraging the children to take what they have learnt in phonics and apply it to their day to day reading. Whether this is hearing or identifying initial sounds or blending simple CVC words.

Phonic Alien Adventure is an App that has really assisted the children with their reading. Particularly with the boys, they have enjoyed using the alien game to help with their blending.
Personally, I found planning for independent reading tricky, especially when I had to get the boys involved . With reading being a whole school focus, I was conscious I had to get a method in place to encourage and develop my children’s reading. This app ticks all the boxes.
It has been used for intervention groups to aid initial sound hearing and further on along the process helped with blending of CVC words.
Children are presented with an object (in the example above and egg and elf ) they then must choose the correct initial sound to help blend the word.
I found this also an ideal time to familiarise the children with ‘alien words’ again as I did with the Aurasma app. This familiarity and awareness will put them at a great advantage for the Year 1 phonics screening.
Children have an option of initial sounds to place at the front of a CVC word. Children read the word and in my class say whether it is an alien word or whether it is a real word. If it’s real we see if it matches the object on the alien’s belt.

Aurasma in Reception

With the Year 1 phonics screening being a paramount factor in primary schools now, I wanted to get children use to ‘alien’ and ‘nonsense words’ in Reception so they are not phased next year. My reception class love the iPads in our class so it makes sense to combine reading with iPads.

Using the app Aurasma I am able to make a simple 2D picture transform on the iPad to a short video/image.

Below you can see children using the app to point at Alien pictures around the classroom which then loads three ‘alien’ words for them to read and blend during either independent learning or plan do review.

The iPad involvement really encouraged the children when introduced a few weeks ago, especially the boys. I have seen a dramatic change and improvement with their blending and reading.

A great APP! And it’s free!