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This week, the Literacy Coordinator (@cannfern) and I held a questioning workshop for fellow Walsall teachers who were looking at new ways to develop questioning in the primary classroom. Holding this workshop with Fern ensuredthat there was coverage and a range of ideas/strategies that could be used from EYFS upto KS2.
As this was the first training session to be held at Rivers, we had to make sure the content and resources were appropriate and relevant for our audience.

Each visitor received a copy of the content and ideas Fern and I were taking about during the session.
Fern kicked off our session with a large focus on Bloom’s taxonomy and how she uses her ‘Bloomin Hot Questions’ in her classroom.
We discussed the different types of questioning we use in the classroom, starting with knowledge, comprehension up to analysis. For reflective practitioners it is interesting to see which questions we use the most in our class and allowed us to question (pardon the punn) whether we are stretching or holding our children back because of the types questions we ask them.


Fern demonstrated and allowed visitors to explore the sentence stems and question prompts she uses to stretch her children. Again, giving the opportunity to think whether or not other teachers use different question styles to gather children’s understanding of their learning and thinking.

I then decided to show my face and pop up! Being in EYFS, for me I had to share my practice on how I use different strategies to encourage my children to ask relevant questions as well as answer them. As I shared with the teachers in the room, it is a necessity for us to get our children to speak in full sentences. As we have shared with parents, children are very happy to answer with one or two word answers, therefore, my methods that I shared encourage children to answer in a full sentence with wider vocabulary.
Teachers were informed about the catwalks reception use, signed sealed delivered, basketball etc. All off which can be found on the plenary tag of my blog.
We thoroughly enjoyed delivering the training session and had GREAT feedback which can be found on our website (http://www.riversprimary.co.uk/training/).