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fiddly fox

Morfo is an app that is used by many schools now in different ways. Our PGCE student in Year 2 used it a couple of weeks ago and made Wayne Rooney ask the children to help with his shopping. The boys naturally were engrossed in this and the standard of work that was created was brilliant.

Morfo provides you with the opportunity to download and manipulate a face and the facial features on your selected image. Working best when the object is facing towards the camera, Morfo allows users to move and edit the features of the face (eyes, nose, mouth size and shape etc). Once you are happy with your face you can record a message, making it look like the picture you have chosen is speaking.

My class have had numerous experiences with Morfo, however, the most successful occasion with the most impact was during our Easter theme. We received a letter from the Easter Bunny asking us to look after his special golden egg when he went away to visit his friend the tooth fairy. He told us he would only be a couple of days, so Reception agreed to do it. However, we were also warned that his enemy, Fiddly Fox, might attempt to pinch the egg so we had to take special care of it. Surprise surprise the egg did go missing so we had to create wanted posters, write letters to our head and create police reports because of the golden egg going missing.

After days of the posters being up and the police getting back in contact saying they will keep and eye out for us, we received an e-mail from Fiddly Fox with an apologetic video attached. He apologised to the children and the Easter Bunny and said he would return the egg when we went home.

Having this impact on the children and then having some children writing letters back to Fiddly Fox during their child initiated time saying that he was forgiven and that he did the right thing was a major surprise. We got a lot of PSED objectives met during that week and a lot of writing, all from a 30sec video.