Fairy Tale App

Over the last few weeks my children have completed work on ‘The Gingerbread Man’ ‘Little Red Riding Hood’, ‘Goldilocks’ etc, however, because we have done so much work on different traditional tales and ‘Once upon a time…’ stories, I thought it would be good for the children to have a go at writing their own traditional tale. For this to happen they needed their own character, this is where the ‘Moca Boca Fairy Tale’ app comes in.


Children each get to choose their own fairy tale character, they design him/her, dress him/her and customise their character’s clothes (also a good opportunity to talk about length, colour, patterns etc). Once the children did this they took a photograph of their character in our classroom environment and then wrote about him/her and his physical appearance.

Boys loved this just as much as the girls as they then naturally went on to speak about what the character was doing in the classroom. Children were eager to write about their physical appearance (what they were wearing and why) as well as talking about their name and their home life. Children had this enthusiasm because of that ownership of the character, it was their own piece of work and it was eventually going to become their own story. The ideas were amazing and the imagination from the children was magic.

Once the children had designed and written briefly about their character their next task was to create a story about him/her. Children were fantastic at this, they took different photographs of their character around the classroom different position with different objects and then wrote step by step what was taking place. The high frequency words and sentences that were written were incredible.



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