Boys writing

I mentioned in a previous post how my pirate topic has really helped the boys with their writing/mark making in my class. Weeks later and the dedication and motivation is still present.

We have done activities related to pirates in my class that my boys have really been drawn to (map making, ship designing, etc), today’s lesson took it totally to a new level.
After returning from assembly the class discovered the treasure we were looking after for Pirate Pat had been stolen. The class were instantly concerned, especially when they saw Joey our class puppet thrown across the floor. After a brief discussion we decided to look and ask others to help us look for the criminal (who we’d decided was Pirate Tas, Pirate Pat’s enemy). The boys were on it!

We made wanted posters, missing flyers, designed models and statues of Pirate Tas and labelled them, the boys could not get enough of writing. I had got them engaged and focused!
It reminded me of when I went to an @abcdoes mark maker to writer course. Yeah boys like to be involved and do things they like and are interested in, but they HATE writing about it, well not this morning.
My boys were so focused and emotionally involved and passionate they all felt obliged to contribute to the search of Pirate Tas.

This pleased me , it reinforced and reminded me, we can get the little soldiers to write and mark make, but it truly does have to be something they feel deeply passionate about. Having poor Joey thrown across the floor and having some treasure stole WE were looking after obviously triggered some emotions that pushed them to write and mark make.


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