Boys making cake

It is never a tricky task to get my boys outside during plan-do-review (child initiated), even when it’s raining. I normally find the same group sitting by the welly step taking their shoes off and putting some wellies on. I do however find it a rarity to see them engaged in a role play scenario for a long period of time if the game isn’t based on monster, ninja turtles or Spider-Man. This morning this all changed. I had a group of boys who were in the mud kitchen for the entire plan-do-review session.

The boys were all playing together and shared the same narrative and roles in their play, as I said above it was great to see this outside of a superhero context. They were using vocabulary to do with number, capacity, weight and were doing great speaking and listening. The boys created their own procedures and rules and showed great problem solving skills. The children used different pans for different jobs, different trays for serving suggestions etc. The children were clear and confident in what they were doing and making and this was evident in the questions other children and myself were asking.
They were boys on a mission.
Ready steady cook!

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