After having my class for almost two weeks now I am starting to paint a picture of the children I have and their abilities. I’m starting to see where the gaps in their learning are and where my EYFSP and I have to focus on this half term. One main focus for my children is number…particularly recognition and formation.
We have had a lot of independent activities available for the children to aid their number recognition and to improve their formation, including number hunts, number writing in glitter, number cutting in scented dough etc, but nothing was enthusing the children a great deal…until I stumbled across PaintSparkle.

This app has multiple possibilities, however my children have mainly used it for their number formation.

Modelling it on the interactive whiteboard using Apple TV and showing the children the sparkles and shines that are created when marks are made amazed my reception class, I was particularly impressed with how impressed the boys were.

I then created an independent activity opportunity for them to write their numbers using the iPads, and blimey it was a success! Their formation (6 boys in particular) has astounded me, minor errors that were constantly cropping up are slowly disappearing, all because of an ‘under the sea’ number line and the sparkly app 🙂
I can see this app having many possibilities in my class and the EYFS at my school. . . My next thoughts are to incorporate it into letters and sounds.


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