Chatterbox Plenary


Communication and language is still a main focus for the children in the early years foundation stage at my school. As mentioned in previous posts I am constantly thinking of different ways to encourage discussion, speaking and listening etc. One way I encourage and develop these skills happens during my plenaries, using methods such as the cat walk plenary, pass the parcel etc.
The chatterbox is now another method I use to encourage the children’s communication and language.
It’s used the same way as it was back in the day on the playground, but instead of being told ‘you have cooties’ or ‘you fancy Mrs Smith’ or ‘you kiss boys’ it enquires about the learning the children have taken part in.
Questions such as ‘can you explain what you have been learning about today?’ ‘What did you find tricky today?’ ‘What did your friend learn today?’ Or ‘where has your friend been working today?’
The questions /statements can be any you want, I have just chosen particular ones to encourage speaking in full sentences and to develop good talk partners and listening skills.
The children first of all pick a number, then a sound and then get asked their question. Questions can obviously been differentiated for the needs and ages of your children.

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