Story writing is something I love to do with my children in Reception. Their ideas during shared writing are fantastic, however, I am conscious that these ideas do disappear when it comes to their independent writing. . . This is where PuppetPals is very handy for my children.
PuppetPals is an app which allows children to create their own characters, setting and stories and truly bring them to life.
When the children choose their characters and setting they have the option to record their characters moving and speaking, creating their own story along the way. Once recorded and finished, children have the option to then watch their story being performed.

At this point I give the children the title of being ‘producers’ and afterwards explain to them that to become an ‘author’ like the ones we love in class we have to write our story down. It is truly amazing how many children choose to access the writing area and then write their story down.

In Reception we then have the story read out to the class by the ‘author’ followed by the ‘PuppetPal Production’ .
With the major focus on speaking and listening in the Early Years currently and on Communication Language this app provides opportunity for children to link sentences, words and phrases, speak in different tenses and the list continues.
Another great app I cannot wait to continue using next academic year.

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