Shooting stars

I don’t know why, but every since I started training to be a teacher I have HATED having hands up in my class! I just think seeing 3-5 years old sitting in the floor, with their hands in the air is just wrong! It was a strategy I never wanted to use, but I knew I needed to think of something similar to replace this strategy.
Shooting stars is something I say to my children instead of ‘put your hands up’. The children flash their hands back and forth like they are counting in fives in different spaces around their body.
Similar to ‘twinkles’ when we sing ‘twinkle twinkle little star’ however the children’s hands move slightly faster and around their body so instead of having twinkly stars I have shooting stars. I then tell them I like to pick the brightest star. With both classes now they have loved them! Something simple yet effective to assess learning.

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