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When I started my career I developed an unhealthy obsession with data and tracking my children in each area of learning to an crazy degree. To an extent that impressed and shocked my moderators who moderated my judgements at the end of my NQT year and justified my judgements against each of the 17 ELGs.

After looking and analysing my data during the year I noticed that there was a hole in my communication language area of learning within the children’s data. Instantly I had a panic as these ELGs had to be met in order to achieve the Good Level Of Development, so I had to put my thinking cap on. How could I encourage independent speaking and listening?? Conversation station.

With a bed canopy from Ikea, a lips cushion, I was all set. The children loved this and did use it during their independent learning time. After a few weeks new items were added to continue with the interest such as puppets, microphones etc, and the children still got a lot from it. My evidence for CL increased and again supported my judgements which were made at the end of the year.

My TA and I modelled to the children how it could be used, however, like everything, the children took their own spin on it but still used it efficiently.

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