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When starting at Rivers Primary Academy, one of the first questions I asked my new Head was whether I could introduce blogging to the school. As some may know, blogging was something I learnt and loved during my NQT at Leamore Primary. The school had set this up before I arrived and something I loved to do for my class.

At Leamore, and now Rivers, each class has their own class blog set up which is accessible to anyone around the world! Photographs, videos and animations are set up and placed on the blog so that parents or anyone who is interested in our school can view and see what the children of Rivers Primary Academy have been up to.

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Teachers try to update their blog weekly, however, if you are a keen bean like myself they are updated more so.

In the EYFS we also use our blogs to evidence the children’s learning. Again, something that was pioneered at Leamore by the deputy head teacher I had to set this up at Rivers too. The children’s are private and password protected so only the head, class teacher and Early Years Foundation Stage Practitioners and parents have access to them.

Parents have the option to leave comments on their children’s posts and we too have to opportunity (and allow the children) to comment back.

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Different schools and settings from around the world have made contact with us and we now have relationships and comment on their blogs too.

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The response and popularity of our blogs has really impressed the children and myself. I was honestly thinking that it would take a couple of years to get a name for our blogs, but I was proven wrong with the visits that were made to Reception’s blog.

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During my NQT this was a system the my old Deputy and I shared with other schools in Walsall and this year something I have done independently, through meets I have had at EYFS Coordinator’s meetings and other training courses. I have also shared with two cohorts of University Students who are training to be teachers.

The use of social networking sites has also assisted with the set up of the blogs. After asking permission, I set up a twitter page for our Primary School and shared our practice and ideas on there. Promoting the blogs and informing followers of the links to see what our children have been learning was somewhat an assistance getting more views and helped up profile our school and the practice, teaching and dedication within it.


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