Who am I?

I’ve known from uni days that the EYFS is where I belong. Having the opportunity to educate young children in such magical and exciting ways is definitely one of the reasons I joined the profession.

Hi everyone, Im Adrian Hickman, an Early Years/Computing leader, LA EYFS moderator and an Apple Distinguished Educator from Walsall. A bit about me first. I trained at the University of Wolverhampton where I achieved my Degree in Early Primary Education. From there I successfully got a job for my NQT year at Leamore Primary school in the Reception class, which, luckily for me was an Apple Regional Training Centre. During my NQT year I was fortunate enough to lead a lecture at the University of Wolverhampton on ICT in the Early Years and have done so every year since.

After educating the Reception children at Leamore for one year and developing a lot of skills from my fabulous deputy head, I left after one year as I luckily secured a position as an EYFS Coordinator at Rivers Primary Academy and luckily after Christmas got asked to become Computing Coordinator too. Having this title after one year of teaching was a dream! Having the opportunity to lead a team of practioners and pass on my passion for the EYFS was a great opportunity, and to this day, one year later, one I am still loving.

I’ve had the opportunity to write two articles for Nursery World magazine based on my practice and experiences in the EYFS, again something I loved doing and took great pride in.

As you can tell from the cheesy paragraph above, I adore my job and am very passionate about it. I love speaking and sharing practices with other professionals too. After joining sites such as twitter and pinterest, my next best way of sharing my passion and love for the job was through this blog. I am aware that not all ideas and provisions will work with all children, but they worked well for mine, thus why I would like to share them with you.

Adrian Hickman 🙂

twitter: @amhickman15

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