PostBear Ted

Screen Shot 2014-05-11 at 22.35.27I have used PostBear Ted for two years now, one of the lessons he graced us with his presence awarded me with an Outstanding judgement for my maths lesson by our LA Maths Consultant / Advisor and by our school Maths Coordinator too. He was used for our introduction and both classes that I have used him with adored him.

Inside PBT’s bag are some little envelopes with numbers on, for the warm up we had to recognise and find the house that we needed to post the letter into. You can adapt where necessary, this year I not only had houses, but had flats and caravans to ensure my children had a familiar setting to relate to. We also took the opportunity to talk about one more and one less. We asked what number the letter would be posted to if PBT posted it to the house next door (before or after) to the correct one.

This was a lesson I delivered at the very beginning of the year and one that children still talk about to this day.

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